Why Should you Sing or Play an Instrument? 8 Excellent Reasons

Thursday, October 29, 2015 by Amy Donson | Uncategorized

1. Improve your memory. Playing music or singing makes you use both parts of your brain and this in turn boosts memory power.

2. Foster creativity and relieve stress. Music is an outlet for personal expression and get out your feelings.

3. Fulfill a lifelong dream. It’s never too late to learn!

4. Teaches you responsibility and discipline. Taking care of your instrument/voice, practicing and pushing through the difficulties of learning a piece of music develop good character.

5. Increase your academic ability. Musicians often achieve higher grades, test better in math and reading, and have better cognitive skills.

6. Sharpen listening skills and concentration

7. Relieve stress and boost self-confidence. You have a way to relax after school or work. Also, the more you perform, the more comfortable you become in front of people.

8. Have fun!